Custom Radiolabeling of Synthetic Oligonucleotides
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Our company conducts custom radio-labeling of synthetic oligonucleotides with 14C- and 3H-radionuclides.
 We synthesize radiolabeled, protected nucleoside phosphoramidite reagents required for the introduction
of the desired radiolabels into oligonucleotides, incorporate these into solid support-bound
oligonucleotides, carry out deprotection, purification, and desalting of the target radiolabeled
oligonucleotides.  The synthetic scale may vary from 1 to 100 micromol. Typically, a single incorporation
ofa 14C-labeled nucleoside results in an oligonucleotide with the specific activity of 30-40 mCi/mmol.
although a higher specific activity may be obtained at the expense of a greater excess of the radiolabeled
phosphoramidite and/or of multiple incorporation of the radiolabel.

Please contact us for your custom quote

We will be happy to generate a custom quote for the synthesis of your radiolabeled oligonucleotides.
Please provide us with the following information:
1. Oligonucleotide sequence;
2. Desired radioisotope;
3. Placement of the radiolabeled nucleoside in the sequence;
4. Desired specific activity;
5. Desired amount of radiolabeled oligonucleotide;
6. If your oligonucleotide features any custom building blocks i.e., uncommon nucleoside residues or
non-nucleosidic moieties, please specify whether you are willing to provide the respective building blocks
or solid supports.

Cost-saving tips

In order to minimize the cost of your radio-labeling project, we recommend to observe, wherever possible
the following guidelines:
1. If your project permits, plan for using 3H-nucleosides, [2-14C]-thymidine, or [4-14C]-thymidine as
carriers of the radiolabel;
2. Place the radiolabeled nucleoside as close to the 5'-terminus of the target oligonucleotide as possible;
3. Plan for the specific activity of the target oligonucleotide as low as permissible by your application
without compromising the outcome of your experiment;
4. It is cost-beneficial to supply us with any custom building blocks other than the radiolabeled nucleoside
required by your project;
5. If the physical state of the product is not critical, request shipping of the product in solution;
6. Plan ahead. Typically, the lead time for a small scale radio-labeling project is 7 to 10 weeks.

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