Universal solid supports for oligonucleotide synthesis
Our advanced universal solid supports  eliminate the use of nucleosidic solid supports.  
The majority of oligonucleotides may be synthesized starting with a single
universal solid
support regardless of the 3'-terminal nucleoside to be synthesized.  The unique design of
universal solid supports insures their unparalleled performance in the synthesis of
Universal phosphoramidite for oligonucleotide synthesis
The use of our universal phosphoramidite eliminates the need for any pre-derivatized solid
supports.  The synthesis of oligonucleotides may be started from any hydroxy- or amino-
derivatized Controlled Pore Glasses (CPG) or Polystyrenes.
Convertible solid supports  for 3'-modification of oligonucleotides
Our convertible solid supports allow one to introduce a variety of ligands and functional
groups at the 3'-terminus of synthetic oligonucleotides.  Examples include 3'- aminoalkyl,
mercaptoalkyl, aldehydo, imidazole, TEMPO, PROXYL, and lipophylic alkyl groups.
Sulfurization agent for DNA and RNA synthesis
Our sulfurization agent for DNA and RNA synthesis, DDTT, offers extremely high yields in
the preparation of DNA and RNA phosphorothioates and practically indefinite stability in
Solid supports for combinatorial chemistry and organic
synthesis on solid phase
Polystyrene-based, low cross-linked solid supports
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