DDTT: Sulfurization agent for DNA and RNA Synthesis
DDTT is a crystalline, smelless compound that contains no oxygen atoms. The use of DDTT in the
sulfurization step of oligonucleotide synthesis results in a very high percentage of sulfurization.  Our studies
showed that the content of PO linkages in  mixed-base 20-mer oligodeoxynucleotide phosphorothioates
synthesized using DDTT is typically less than 2%.

In RNA synthesis, most sulfuriation agents including 3H-1,2-benzodithiol-3-one  1,1-dioxide (Beaucage
Reagent) are often inefficient.  In contrast, the use of DDTT results in less than 10% (typically 6-8%) of the
PO contents.

DDTT is a proprietary agent developed and marketed by our company (US 7,723,528).

For ordering information, please consult the Table below.
Item Code
Price per G, $
50 G
100 G
1 KG
Small quantities of DDTT can be ordered from our distributor, Glen Research at http://www.glenresearch.com.
Please refer to p/n 40-4037-xx.

To read and download the guidelines for the use of DDTT in DNA and RNA synthesis (pdf format), please follow
this link.
To read and download MSDS for DDTT (pdf format), please follow
this link.
To download Adobe Acrobat Reader,  visit www.adobe.com.
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