Custom Research and Synthesis
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Custom Research

Our company conducts custom research related to oligonucleotide synthesis. On request of our
customers, we synthesize novel reagents required for the introduction of the desired novel modifications
into oligonucleotides and develop protocols for the synthesis and deprotection of the target modified
oligonucleotides.  Upon extensive testing in our facilities, we transfer the technology to our customers and,
on their request, provide the on-site training for the personnel.

Custom Synthesis

Our company performs custom synthesis of various chemicals including but not limited to nucleosides and
nucleoside triphosphates, protected nucleosides, phosphorylation and phosphitylation agents, protected
nucleoside phosphoramidites, non-nucleosidic phosphoramidites, linkers and solid supports for
oligonucleotide synthesis, and complex oligonucleotides.  We are capable of making your compounds in
milligram to kilo quantities at a very competitive cost.

Please feel free to contact us for the same or next day free quote for your chemicals

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